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Our food philosophy

The food produced by Byron Pantry is made by hand, from natural ingredients, which are locally sourced whenever possible. This is often referred to as 'real food' or 'made from scratch'. These aren't really technical terms so let me tell you what it means to us. 

I am often amazed when I pick up food in a supermarket and stare at the list of ingredients. Ice cream for example. Or bread. It's easier to understand if you think about where these foods came from and how far they have had to travel. Stored in a warehouse, on trucks and on the shelf. A long torturous journey and the food needs to be protected. It needs to remain safe for consumption, it needs to 'look nice' and it needs to somehow manage to 'taste good'. The 'other' ingredients are generally included to help meet these requirements.

At Bryon Pantry we are lucky. Thanks to great platform (Shopify), we are able to make our food and deliver it directly to our customers. This means we don't need to include any of those 'other' ingredients. So when we say 'made from scratch' we mean made only from products you can identify and understand: fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, milk, eggs, flour, meat, poultry. We carefully list the ingredients for each product so our customers can understand exactly what is included and how it is made.

Why go to so much trouble?  This is important to me because I believe products commonly found in processed food, which are designed to inhibit bacteria growth (preservatives and additives) don't do us any favours. Not only does real food taste better, it goes a long way to keeping those important bacteria in our tummies happy and healthy.


Our food is carefully handled by people, not forklifts, so we are able to supply it in plastic free packaging, or reusable containers. With the help of technology, we are also able to easily provide customers who return our lovely containers with a discount off their next order. A great move towards the future.


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