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Byron Pantry

 Business owner - Jennifer Lyon 

When I was growing up, my mother had trouble keeping me out of the kitchen. I was filled with curiosity and wonder - how do you make marshmallow? Is it really that easy to make toffee? And oh, the satisfaction of unravelling the mystery of marble cake! I wanted to understand it all, and one of my first jobs was working as a kitchen hand in a busy restaurant. Starting with washing the dishes and finally being promoted to master pancake chef. 

Of course it didn't really pay well and I was steered towards university and a career in finance. It paid the bills, and I raised my family juggling airports, high heels and after school care pick-ups. By the time I reached my forties, I'd had enough and I found myself back in the kitchen again, going to school and training in hospitality. 

Although I have always loved cooking, those days of working long hours and then trying to put a healthy meal on the table for my family were a real struggle. I didn't want to resort to take away, and as for going out...well we'd just got home.

The desire to provide a better alternative, has led to the creation of Byron Pantry. My partner David and I, are passionate about offering a new alternative to busy people, or anyone really, who would like a break from cooking, but would still like to give their family a wholesome meal. 

Our meals our made by hand, using traditional cooking methods, and are seriously, as close to home cooking as you can get! Most of the meals can be frozen and stored in the freezer until you need them.

We make our salads and desserts fresh everyday and deliver 7 days a week around the Bryon region.  Whether you are on holiday, or busy with work and daily routines, Byron Pantry can offer you the help you need to make mealtimes easy.



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